A Weekend In York

A guide to a weekend in the historic shire of York.

Recently I took a camping trip to York. The weather was dry and so the experience was very pleasant and easy to enjoy. If you’re a outdoorsy person, I would highly recommend taking a mid-season camping trip. There are so many great places to visit throughout the UK, rain, hail, or shine, as long as you’re prepared weather shouldn’t be an issue.

I found that since there was going to be a lot of preparing for this weekend of camping, I took comfort in preparing a list for myself just to check everything was there and nothing important was forgotten.

Being early autumn and with the unpredictability of the British weather, obviously I was expecting the worst. So a raincoat, wellies, and warm clothes for sleeping  were utter essentials. There was very little light after about 6pm and by 7.30pm it was pitch black, so having a torch helped, of course.

For anyone who has ever attended any UK weekend fest, it goes without saying that you can never bring too many wipes, tissues, sanitiser, dry shampoo, deodorant etc etc…So I won’t bore you or insult your intelligence by rhyming off toiletries NOT to forget to include in the packing process. However, I will say this, don’t let your phone/camera run out of battery, be sure to bring more than one portable charger. I made this mistake and as a result have very little lovely photographs of the picturesque weekend!


York town was a great place to visit. It is quaint, busy, and picturesque in all the right ways. The Shambles is an old street in town that has the old original buildings and frame work, overhanging the narrow streets in a very squint order. A lot of the streets in the heart of the town twist and turn in a narrow maze, which I think looks great and makes it a unique attraction.

There was a beer and food festival on, which was great. Live rock n blues music, with lots of mini stalls, the atmosphere was incredible. I loved every minute of this cliché experience and without a doubt, York is somewhere I would go again and again. It’s got a very personable vibe to it, the town of historic feels and flows. A home away from home. It was just gorgeous!





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