Glasgow Gems I : Offshore Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is a real find for anyone in search of a humble little hide-out in a trendy though relaxed environment. Perfect for winding down or chilling out, the Offshore in Glasgow’s West End is the place to go!


On the corner of Gibson Street and Westbank Quadrant, The Offshore lets in lots of light with two out of four walls as windows. The ceiling features traditional coving and the walls painted are orange and yellow, very retro. This place is a winner for everyone. The Offshore even offer vegan food. IN-CREDIBLE!


The decor inside is so cosy, it’s like walking off the street into a whole new coffee-loving world. It peaceful and never crowded though never empty, dotted with people from all walks of life, enjoying their Sunday afternoons lounging on the couches, nipping in on Monday mornings before work, or working away at a window table over lunch.


Events take place throughout the month in The Offshore and their website has plenty updates on this. There is also free WiFi here (the password is written on the menu board) which is why it is such a student magnet and perfect location for a study date/catch up with friends.

find it

3-5 Gibson Street
G12 8NU

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