Top 4 Cities in Europe for Summer ’17

Europe is famous for romantic cobbled roads, bright hanging flowers on old roman ruins, music, food and sun, glorious sun.


1 . Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, known for the art, culture and architecture of Antoni Gaudi, the Museu Picasso and the impressive Gothic streets. Music throughout Spain is traditionally associated with flamenco music and Spanish guitars, however in Barcelona there is the Primavera Sound annual music Festival between May 31st to June 4th this year. An indie music fest full of new artists, alternative vibes and creative aura. Of course, there is guarantee for sun throughout the entire weekend, which leaves this event on the opposite end of the festival spectrum from rainy Glastonbury.


2. Rome, Italy

Rome; The Eternal City. The Romans believed that despite what was happening throughout the rest of the world, no matter how many empires caved and collapsed, Rome would go on forever.

What other reason do you need to visit Rome this summer, considering the current situation of our world?

Also known as the city of love, Rome is a very care free, warm, and admirable city. Living up to both nicknames, the city is very classic and timeless. Locals scooting around on their Vespa’s, standing within the Colosseum, making a wish at the Trevi Fountain, and strolling down the Spanish Steps, suddenly you’re in a movie scene and holding someone’s hand just feels right. Needless to say, the Italian food, ice-cream and fine wine is exquisite…when in Rome!


3. Athens, Greece

If heat, sun and culture is your three musts when booking your summer escape, Athens is the place to visit, and if you’re interested you can learn some history along the way. One of the first cities of it’s time, and home to the original Olympic Games. Where philosophy, politics and art meet, Athens is somewhere everyone should see in their lifetime, an summer 2017 is the time to do just that.

Athens offers everything in it’s cosmopolitan make up, from grunge to grace, nothing is missed in this city at the heart of Greece. Stunning scenery and picture perfect views from restaurant terraces, what else could you wish for in a summer vacation?

River Europe Canals Netherlands Bike Amsterdam

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Progressive and diverse with great night life, Amsterdam is a great city break for students. The relaxed city surprisingly has more canals than Venice, 1281 bridges, more bicycles than people, and don’t forget it’s infamous windmills.

July through to August is a brilliant time to visit the city, the amount of festivals and events on throughout the summer is incredible, there is something for everyone. From classical music to dance, comedy, entertainment, and dance, there is nothing forgotten by Amsterdam, everything is covered.