City Breaks Vs Beach Holidays

It’s becoming more appealing and easier to travel across the water to a European city for a short trip a couple times a year than to plan one two-week beach holiday. I completely understand it.


A city break may not be your thing, for numerous reasons – there is a lot of walking involved, usually very busy and it can be stressful – not your ideal relaxing luxury holiday. However, I believe that a city-scape can offer you more than two-weeks of lying on a beach with the same scenery.

European cities are very romantic and Gothic with impressive art, history and architecture. Places like Rome, Barcelona, Prague and Paris all have their own niche, each city vastly different but all completely beautiful.

If the heat is a must for you when you travel, visiting cities in Spain and Italy at almost any time of the year, will guarantee you heat and sunshine. Although, if you love the heat but stay sensible and cover up every couple of hours, finding shade in the city can be hard. Most people are used to a sea breeze to cool them down in hot temperatures but in land heat can be a constant and you may have to find shade from a building or pop into a museum to give yourself a break.


As city breaks are for the purpose of sightseeing, there is a lot of walking involved. Some people are quite happy to walk around in the heat all day, until blisters and exhaustion kick in. No one wants to be wearing sensible walking shoes when in 30 plus degree temperatures, flip flops and sandals are most people’s preferences. Everyone knows that this footwear choice and the heat on your feet are the sole reason behind sore ankles and toes.

An open top tour bus around the city is ideal when the heat gets too hot to handle. You can hope off and on at the attractions and sights you wish, plus the breeze you get from the top deck of the bus is a God send.  But regardless, just like it is on a beach holiday, water is ALWAYS a necessity. Especially if you are doing a lot of walking, keeping hydrated makes everything 10 times easier.


Beach holidays are always great, very chilled; the world almost seems to slow right down while you laze about in the sand soaking up the rays of sun. There is no sound quite like the whoosh of the waves on the beach and retreating back into the sea. So lush.
A holiday like this is never taken for granted; it is the exact opposite of what everyone’s day-to-day lives are. Beach holidays are so appreciated (and needed) that when you get home it’s like looking back to a dream, as though you have just woken up from a long, well-earned rest. You feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


Unlike a city break, you can return home and be thirsty for more. More history, more adventure, another city, another trip. Visiting cities and immersing yourself in the culture can be so good for your soul, so good that you become addicted. You get the travel bug and want to set off to city after city after city…

Everyone is different so everyone mellows out in their different ways. Everyone seeks different kinds of adventure and everyone’s definition of “holiday” is different.