The Rise Of The Solo Traveller

The appeal of travelling is in all of us. We all have a hunger to explore, however far that may be. The one thing solo travellers have in common is the growing desire to experience our world. They enjoy the company of new culture, different people and lifestyles, they are open to the thrill of adventure no matter what sort of weather conditions they are faced by.

There is a definite rise in those who travel alone, those who embark on a journey across many parts of the world as a hobby. It sounds like the perfect lifestyle. You see it often, on social media and online. It amazes anyone who stumbles across their feed and they stare in awe at the photographs they have taken. Pictures of Indian sunsets and Swiss Alps are enough motivation in themselves for you to pack your bags and begin the journey tomorrow. The gorgeous green of valleys and the tranquil rivers and waterfalls; a beach with white sands and blue seas; a mountain top view of a snowy landscape.

Social media and online websites have played a large part in encouraging others and setting the bar, inciting more and more individuals to join in the solo traveller movement. There are a vast amount of Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to promoting types of trips that are very suitable for anyone interesting in travelling the world solo, and just needs that little bit more inspiration and push them to take the leap.

Australian solo traveller’s Jordan Tually, Frida Reirson and Jackson Groves both run very exciting Instagram accounts filled with blue seas, pink skies, lots of greenery and everything that shouts out “my life is amazing!” However that is just a glimpse of the action, the youth have been documenting their travels for a long time.

The rise of independent female travellers over the age of 30 is particularly interesting. Solo Traveller is a blog started by Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt, two woman who found love in going it alone. They started the blog to create space for a diverse community of people, all wishing to travel, solo. The blog is perfect reference for anyone who is new to the whole idea of travelling by their self to share tips, inspiration and ideas.

Janice is an author, writer, speaker and traveller who took on this lifestyle around about the time she become a widower. She said, “I discovered how strong and capable I really am. When I travelled with my husband and family I took care of the kids and my husband took care of the travel details. I had to learn how to do this. How to NOT lose my passport and how to navigate a new city. I now do it all and the confidence that comes from this shows itself at home as well.

Every solo traveller has a vision of how they will spend their time when they flee the nest, everyone has their own interests however, everyone who travels solo has a love for adventure.

Tracey is a writer, editor and describes herself as a “food and wine fanatic” who travels around the world to share her food and drink experiences from the places she has visited with The Solo Traveller Blog readers.

Travelling alone will naturally push you from your comfort zone, it is by no means a bad thing. Being in situations alone with only yourself to rely on is exactly the type of thing that makes you grow and try more new things. It can be thrilling, fulfilling or enlightening. Either way, it is something to be proud of and you learn about yourself as well as building your confidence.


Travelling alone can seem like a very lonely prospect and some may find it difficult to imagine doing at first. Without another body or a group, you become very self-reliant. It could be something you never see yourself doing but very much want to. If that’s the case, take reassurance in Janice and Tracey’s words. Two women who have been there and done it all, who have shared their experiences on their blog for this exact reason, and just go for it. There is very little to lose and so much to gain; experience, self-assurance, soul searching and perhaps a new hobby or lifestyle?

City Breaks Vs Beach Holidays

It’s becoming more appealing and easier to travel across the water to a European city for a short trip a couple times a year than to plan one two-week beach holiday. I completely understand it.


A city break may not be your thing, for numerous reasons – there is a lot of walking involved, usually very busy and it can be stressful – not your ideal relaxing luxury holiday. However, I believe that a city-scape can offer you more than two-weeks of lying on a beach with the same scenery.

European cities are very romantic and Gothic with impressive art, history and architecture. Places like Rome, Barcelona, Prague and Paris all have their own niche, each city vastly different but all completely beautiful.

If the heat is a must for you when you travel, visiting cities in Spain and Italy at almost any time of the year, will guarantee you heat and sunshine. Although, if you love the heat but stay sensible and cover up every couple of hours, finding shade in the city can be hard. Most people are used to a sea breeze to cool them down in hot temperatures but in land heat can be a constant and you may have to find shade from a building or pop into a museum to give yourself a break.


As city breaks are for the purpose of sightseeing, there is a lot of walking involved. Some people are quite happy to walk around in the heat all day, until blisters and exhaustion kick in. No one wants to be wearing sensible walking shoes when in 30 plus degree temperatures, flip flops and sandals are most people’s preferences. Everyone knows that this footwear choice and the heat on your feet are the sole reason behind sore ankles and toes.

An open top tour bus around the city is ideal when the heat gets too hot to handle. You can hope off and on at the attractions and sights you wish, plus the breeze you get from the top deck of the bus is a God send.  But regardless, just like it is on a beach holiday, water is ALWAYS a necessity. Especially if you are doing a lot of walking, keeping hydrated makes everything 10 times easier.


Beach holidays are always great, very chilled; the world almost seems to slow right down while you laze about in the sand soaking up the rays of sun. There is no sound quite like the whoosh of the waves on the beach and retreating back into the sea. So lush.
A holiday like this is never taken for granted; it is the exact opposite of what everyone’s day-to-day lives are. Beach holidays are so appreciated (and needed) that when you get home it’s like looking back to a dream, as though you have just woken up from a long, well-earned rest. You feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


Unlike a city break, you can return home and be thirsty for more. More history, more adventure, another city, another trip. Visiting cities and immersing yourself in the culture can be so good for your soul, so good that you become addicted. You get the travel bug and want to set off to city after city after city…

Everyone is different so everyone mellows out in their different ways. Everyone seeks different kinds of adventure and everyone’s definition of “holiday” is different.

Weekend In London Guide

The big smoke is a popular city to visit thanks to its impressive architecture, monuments, and fashion. With so much to do it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide exactly what you should do in the hustle and bustle.


So many things come to mind when you think of London if you do not live near the city. It’s a huge tourist attraction, with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey Towers and the London Eye.


I have recently just got back from a weekend away in London and I’ve never been so busy and relaxed in all my life. A contradiction, I know. That is what it was like, although there was so much to squeeze in over 3 days, with miserable weather in such a vast place, it was so enjoyable and it was just so easy to take everything around about me in.

First thing I would recommend you do if you are giving thought to a short trip to London and want to jam pack as much as you can do in, PLAN.
I get that it’s very obvious, and something you would do anyway no matter where you were going. However, if you are not familiar with London, like myself, it’s a great head start to have and the key to getting the most out your trip.


Bus tours are everywhere in London, I found this a great way to get around whilst learning about some London history and most tour companies offer 24hr and 48hr tickets. So if you are thinking of going on a bus tour, it could also make sense to extend your ticket for the duration you are there and also use it to get around. Not only do the busses take you to all the main attractions, monuments and must see streets, get on a tour bus with live commentary and you are onto a winner. The guys from Big Bus Tours are so friendly and are great for a bit of local knowledge about everything from hours to avoid queuing for more free time on your hands to fab places to eat, and they are very funny!


As well as bus tours, there is also the usual big red busses that circuit round a particular area. Get to know what bus is closest to where you are staying and it can be another method of transport for you after tour busses stop running for the day. The London busses have a night service which means you would never be stuck at all hours having to hail a taxi costing you £££’s!!

If you don’t mind missing the marvellous views of the landscape and skyline of London’s city whilst riding the open top busses, of course there’s also the tube. This will get you from A to B in a matter of minutes which is perfect if you have a tight timed itinerary.
Oyster cards are a great thing, you top up and tap, and there you go! You can use your oyster card on London Busses and the tube, which is just so versatile.


When booking a place to stay, it would be worth your money to live as close to the city as possible, that way you spend less of your precious tourist time travelling in to the city and you are also walking distance from tour bus stops, tube stations, and perhaps some attractions can be reached by foot.

I stayed in Westminster at The DoubleTree by Hilton, and it was perfect! Very central and less than 10 minutes to Big Ben. There was also a bus stop right outside the hotel with a bus that stopped at Regent Street. This was ideal.

The must see streets in London for anyone who identifies themselves as a fashion-lover are Regent Street, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and the entire SOHO area is unreal.


These streets give you every choice of shop you would ever need, from Victoria’s Secret to M&M’s World, from Hamleys to Selfridges, it has everything! On top of that, these streets are round about the SOHO area, with Carnaby Street right bang in the middle of it all.
SOHO is a such a cool corner of London, with very exciting nightlife as well as very hip bars and restaurants dotted all over the place. Just what anyone would need after a crazy busy day of walking lots and shopping loads. SOHO is also home to many theatres in London, Queens Theatre, Palace Theatre, Prince Edwards Theatre, Cambridge Theatre and Arts Theatre, there is also the Apollo Theatre in Victoria. A musical is a must see during a stay in London as the theatres are just so beautiful, even if musicals aren’t your thing, it’s got to be appreciated. It’s inevitable that you’ll enjoy the classics!


In SOHO, there is a little bar I went to called Gem, and it was just that! It’s a cushty place for during the day food or drinks, has a very fun vibe for cocktails before or after dinner and at night it’s open as a club. So trendy.
The Rum Kitchen is the coolest corner in Carnaby, FACT. This place was incredible, a Caribbean restaurant and bar in Kingly Court in SOHO. They offer amazing food (vegetarian), rum cocktails and the diverse music is so upbeat you would not want to leave.


It’s completely understandable why you hear people talking about visiting London, just to shop, there is just so much choice. Although there is also other parts of London that have a little bit more personal features, only found in London. Places like The Shard, The Sky Gardens building, the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. And all can be seen from taking the River Cruise across the Thames, which is another must do. The views of the buildings along each side of the river are so impressive you could ride twice just to believe it all.


I really enjoyed my time in London, and just done so much, feeling exhausted every night! There is so much to do in London and I think it definitely takes a few visits to do everything you want to. Plus, in searching for a place to stay, I found that the amount of lovely hotels across the city was overwhelming. It just shows that the big smoke will never get boring, no matter how many times you go, and all you need to do is plan it well and your trip will be a success!