The Rise Of The Solo Traveller

The appeal of travelling is in all of us. We all have a hunger to explore, however far that may be. The one thing solo travellers have in common is the growing desire to experience our world. They enjoy the company of new culture, different people and lifestyles, they are open to the thrill of adventure no matter what sort of weather conditions they are faced by.

There is a definite rise in those who travel alone, those who embark on a journey across many parts of the world as a hobby. It sounds like the perfect lifestyle. You see it often, on social media and online. It amazes anyone who stumbles across their feed and they stare in awe at the photographs they have taken. Pictures of Indian sunsets and Swiss Alps are enough motivation in themselves for you to pack your bags and begin the journey tomorrow. The gorgeous green of valleys and the tranquil rivers and waterfalls; a beach with white sands and blue seas; a mountain top view of a snowy landscape.

Social media and online websites have played a large part in encouraging others and setting the bar, inciting more and more individuals to join in the solo traveller movement. There are a vast amount of Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to promoting types of trips that are very suitable for anyone interesting in travelling the world solo, and just needs that little bit more inspiration and push them to take the leap.

Australian solo traveller’s Jordan Tually, Frida Reirson and Jackson Groves both run very exciting Instagram accounts filled with blue seas, pink skies, lots of greenery and everything that shouts out “my life is amazing!” However that is just a glimpse of the action, the youth have been documenting their travels for a long time.

The rise of independent female travellers over the age of 30 is particularly interesting. Solo Traveller is a blog started by Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt, two woman who found love in going it alone. They started the blog to create space for a diverse community of people, all wishing to travel, solo. The blog is perfect reference for anyone who is new to the whole idea of travelling by their self to share tips, inspiration and ideas.

Janice is an author, writer, speaker and traveller who took on this lifestyle around about the time she become a widower. She said, “I discovered how strong and capable I really am. When I travelled with my husband and family I took care of the kids and my husband took care of the travel details. I had to learn how to do this. How to NOT lose my passport and how to navigate a new city. I now do it all and the confidence that comes from this shows itself at home as well.

Every solo traveller has a vision of how they will spend their time when they flee the nest, everyone has their own interests however, everyone who travels solo has a love for adventure.

Tracey is a writer, editor and describes herself as a “food and wine fanatic” who travels around the world to share her food and drink experiences from the places she has visited with The Solo Traveller Blog readers.

Travelling alone will naturally push you from your comfort zone, it is by no means a bad thing. Being in situations alone with only yourself to rely on is exactly the type of thing that makes you grow and try more new things. It can be thrilling, fulfilling or enlightening. Either way, it is something to be proud of and you learn about yourself as well as building your confidence.


Travelling alone can seem like a very lonely prospect and some may find it difficult to imagine doing at first. Without another body or a group, you become very self-reliant. It could be something you never see yourself doing but very much want to. If that’s the case, take reassurance in Janice and Tracey’s words. Two women who have been there and done it all, who have shared their experiences on their blog for this exact reason, and just go for it. There is very little to lose and so much to gain; experience, self-assurance, soul searching and perhaps a new hobby or lifestyle?